Natural Gas Billing Management Solutions (GBMS) on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform.

GasWhere do natural gas operators go to improve their billing efficiency, improve revenue assurance, and get bottom line results when it comes to their billing platform?

Adapt Dynamics GBMS!

Today’s most advanced and complete Microsoft Dynamics AX billing solution for Tier I, Tier II and Tier III operators in the distribution and selling of natural gas, Adapt Dynamics GBMS is loaded with features that bring real benefits to the operator.

Advanced diagnostics bring you increased reliability and accuracy. 

And with an architecture that includes billing engine optimization, all of today’s complicated billing issues – like tiered pricing, contract pricing with predetermined volume discounts, incremental through costs, index pricing, and other variables, are all taken care of automatically.

What’s more, diagnostic workflows are specially designed to insure complete billing accuracy.  The Adapt Dynamics GBMS uses continual rule based testing with exception based process workflows to keep your system completely automated.  Since accuracy, reasonableness, reliability, and integrity are all continually tested, all data is validated prior to being sent to creating an invoice, meaning that the system remains automated unless an exception to any rule is located.

And with multiple tax and regulatory fee capabilities, and a complete contract management solution for effective and efficient contract management, the Adapt Dynamics GBMS is the most complete and most advanced billing solution available.