Rule Based Engine Optimization

All Adapt Dynamics BSS Platforms are completely scalable and fully integrated platforms that include robust rule based engine optimization so that any operator – no matter how big or small - has the option to incorporate a number of important invoicing variables into their invoicing process, including tiered pricing, incremental cost through allocation, usage based pricing, predetermined pricing at fixed contractual intervals, shared volume usage between multiple accounts, and more.  The summary billing and complete tax and tariff capabilities make Adapt Dynamics BSS one of the most complete Microsoft Dynamics AX billing platforms available.

Work_flowsException Based Process Work Flows

The Adapt Dynamics architecture includes exception based process workflows with specially designed workflow queues to insure complete billing accuracy.  Our continual rule based testing automates your billing process and insures data integrity, accuracy, and reasonableness to assure invoice reliability.  If data does not meet the customized validation logic requirement that data is routed to the appropriate queue for review, otherwise it flows through the system and is queued for invoicing.  Workflows include usage, orders, pricing worksheets, contract pricing, customer accounts, and more, and are designed for the operator’s specific applications.

Customer Service Dashboard

The Adapt Dynamics BSS platform provides a fully functional customer service dashboard with instantaneous ‘drill down’ capability to give customer service representative’s instant access to specific customer information.  The goal is to help operators improve the customer service interaction on customer contracts, customer transactions, customer usage, and more.  One thing our clients have found is that improved customer service interactions provide our clients with better overall customer service management. 



Advanced Contract Pricing

Instead of using flat pricing, many of today’s operators utilize more sophisticated predetermined pricing schedules in their contracts that call for changes in pricing at specific intervals.  These intervals can be based on consumption, a market index, seasonality, or any one of a number of other factors.  The Adapt Dynamics BSS platform is built to integrate any and all of these variances, calculate the proper taxes and fees based on these variances, and provide you with greater efficiency, complete accuracy, and improved revenue assurance.

Full Tax Calculation

One of the features that sets Adapt Dynamics apart is that all platforms provide complete tax calculation capabilities for any and all federal, state, municipal taxes, and any taxing authorities.  We also provide for international tax capabilities, and incorporate special taxing authority capabilities too.  With capabilities for internal tax tables and for external tax information sources, we provide complete tax calculation capabilities along with the capability to update rates as needed from external systems.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Think about it... expanding and growing your business in today's global market is more critical than ever. And it's even more critical to make sure that your products continue with the quality that your company has come to expect as you seek new opportunities. 


Adapt Dynamics world class products are simple to use and easy to implement because they're built right within Microsoft Dynamics AX. Developed in Microsoft' MorphX Development Suite, each application is a fully integrated series designed to complement your Dynamics AX investment. Built under Microsoft's best practice guidelines, you'll be pleased with the true integration, seamless interface, and reliability as you leverage your Microsoft investment.