Utility Billing solutions on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform for the utility and telecom industry.




Leader in Utility Billing

Formed in 1986 as Computer Management, Inc., Adapt Dynamics LLC has grown from a firm that implemented and supported Solomon Accounting Software to an operation that has developed a Microsoft Dynamics AX based custom utility billing platform for Tier I, Tier II and Tier III business operations that provide solutions for the telecom, natural gas, water, broadband, and energy industries. 

The utility billing platform provides operators with the ability to gain greater revenue assurance by more efficiently and more effectively managing their billing process.

Adapt Dynamics BSS is a customized utility billing platform developed in the Microsoft Dynamics AX environment that is specifically designed for business operations in telecommunication, natural gas, broadband, energy, and utilities.  Operators bill other businesses for the use of infrastructure (telecom, broadband) and for the use of energy (natural gas, utility).

Due to various taxes and taxing authorities impacting these industries, and due to the fact that billing has become much more complicated because billing is based on either infrastructure usage that is measured in megabytes per second (broadband, telecom) or intricate pricing models that include multilevel pricing tiers measured in therms (natural gas), business to business billing in all of the industries serviced by Adapt Dynamics LLC has become complicated, and the process of validating data and using the data to assemble and create an invoice for an individual client has become extremely time consuming and very cumbersome.

The increased complications impacting the billing process and the volume of information required to assemble a completed invoice have increased demand on available resources and made many billing platforms and many billing processes highly inefficient and/or obsolete.


The Adapt Dynamics BSS platform simplifies this process by seamlessly integrating all complicated billing rules and effortlessly assembling all required information to provide operators with numerous tangible benefits:

Greater Revenue Assurance

Complete and continual testing to make sure that the data being used is reasonable and reliable, and that the invoices generated are accurate.

Improved Efficiencies

Reduction in the amount of hours needed to compile and assemble invoices.

Improved Cash Flow 

Reduction in the time needed to generate and deliver invoices eliminates the lag between a client using a product or service and the client being billed for usage.  Expedited invoicing improves cash flow.

Improved Contract Management

Contract information for an individual customer is now easily accessible and readily available so that interaction with the client regarding their contract can be streamlined.

Improved Billing Management

Billing efficiencies can be improved by as much as 60% and the management of the information on a client by client basis is greatly improved.

Improved Customer Service

The information for an individual customer that has previously been located in different places is now located in one place, so that a customer service representative can easily access information about a particular client.


  • ”I am happy to report that we are currently up to date with (March) billing. We are actually ahead and waiting for usage from the LDC Suppliers.”

    Billing Supervisor FPL Energy Services